• AED 393.75

    건 곤드레

    AED 393.75
  • 옛날 볶음검은깨 120G

    Matches with reduction cooking, roasting, vegetables, rice cakes, meat seasoning, vermicelli, yukgaejang, kimchi, sesame cracker, and other side dishes, and can be enjoyed by eating out of the bottle like a snack.

    AED 24.15
  • 카타쿠리코, 감자전분 Katakuriko

    It is a fine vegetable starch used as a thickener in Japanese cooking. You can use katakuriko as a coating for fried foods or combined with water to make a paste used for thickening a stir-fry as well as other sauces.

    AED 24.15

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