• AED26.25 Inc VAT


    AED26.25 Inc VAT
  • 포기김치 10kg

    POOM Cabbage Kimchi (Whole)

    AED84.00 Inc VAT

    포기김치 10kg

    AED84.00 Inc VAT
  • 비비고 포기김치

    CJ Cabbage Kimchi (Whole)

    AED89.25 Inc VAT

    비비고 포기김치

    AED89.25 Inc VAT
  • 돌갓김치

    Gat Kimchi or mustard leaf, the stems and leaves are seasoned with pickled anchovy sauce. It’s strong flavor of the mustard leaf and the anchovy is what makes this kimchi popular.

    AED36.75 Inc VAT


    AED36.75 Inc VAT
  • 파김치 300g (수출용)

    Is one of types of Kimchi that Koreans usually eat for banchan (traditional side dishes) and is most popular in Jeolla-do. pa Kimchi uses medium thick green onions known as jjokpa(Korean: 쪽파), which are fermented to maturity in powdered red pepper gochutgaru, garlic, ginger and seasoned with lots of myeolchi jeot (salted anchovies). It is known for its hot spicy taste.[

    AED26.25 Inc VAT
  • D3 비비고 맛김치 150g

    A proper Korean kimchi, sliced for convenience

    bibigo offers a true Korean kimchi made with the best Korean ingredients. A combination of chili pepper, garlic, and ginger creates a crisp flavor and helps digestion, creating the health benefits that make Kimchi so famous.

    KRCKI3161 CJ Bibigo Sliced (mat) Kimchi 8817164366 15g D3 비비고 하선정 맛김치 Packing 3

    AED10.50 Inc VAT

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