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    Neri Wasabi

    Neri Wasabi

    AED9.45 Inc VAT

    Neri Wasabi

    AED9.45 Inc VAT
  • AED10.50 Inc VAT
  • 백설 남해전복 굴소스

    Oyster sauce is a rich sauce made from boiled oysters and seasonings. This rich savory sauce is used in meat and vegetable dishes and is an important ingredient in Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Khmer cuisine. When it comes to building flavor quickly in a stir-fry, we reach for oyster sauce without hesitation.

    AED26.25 Inc VAT
  • 백설 사리원 불고기 양념

    Beksul Sariwon Bulgogi Marinade

    AED14.70 Inc VAT
  • 블랙 페퍼 소스 (이금기)

    A ready-to-use Chinese sauce made from selected black peppers. Use as a gravy for your favorite steaks or as a condiment for stir-fries and marinades.

    AED10.50 Inc VAT
  • 차슈 소스 (이금기)

    A classic Chinese barbecue sauce perfect for marinating, baking, and barbecuing meat, chicken, or seafood.

    AED11.55 Inc VAT

    차슈 소스 (이금기)

    AED11.55 Inc VAT
  • AED36.75 Inc VAT
  • 돼지불고기양념 (백설)

    What is kalbi sauce made of?
    Combine green onions, brown sugar, soy sauce, sherry, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, sesame seeds, black bean sauce, black pepper, and garlic chile paste in a large bowl. Is Kalbi beef or pork?
    Galbi (갈비), galbi-gui (갈비구이), or grilled ribs is a type of gui (grilled dish) in Korean cuisine. Galbi is the Korean word for rib, and the dish is usually made with beef short ribs. When pork spareribs or another meat is used instead, the dish is named accordingly.

    AED15.75 Inc VAT
  • 돼지불고기양념 (백설)

    Dweji Bulgogi Marinade

    AED26.25 Inc VAT
  • AED89.25 Inc VAT

    냉동 생와사비

    AED89.25 Inc VAT
  • 호이신 소스 (이금기)

    Irresistibly delicious sweet sauce made from selected spices, ground soybeans, and sweet potatoes. Excellent for marinating, stir-frying or dipping. Great as a sauce for pizza.

    AED63.00 Inc VAT
  • AED94.50 Inc VAT

    Mentai Tube

    AED94.50 Inc VAT

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