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    Hallabong, Korean Dekopon Box

    선물세트 제품은 모두 예약주문제품이며, 원하시는 배송일과 시간을 적어주시면 배송센터를 통해 배송일을 확정 받으실 수 있습니다.

    All gift sets are pre-orders and you can confirm specify the delivery date and time for the delivery date through the delivery center.

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    Jeju Mandarin

    제주 감귤 1.5kg

    AED 78.99

    Jeju Mandarin

    AED 78.99
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    Dan Gam, Persimmon 1kg

    Sweet persimmon is full of crisp, sweet sunlight!
    Its high sugar content makes it a favorite fruit for everyone.


    It is a delicious fruit with a sweet taste, aroma, and moisture. The sweet persimmon, which has a greenish color at first, then gradually turns orange, has the best texture when it has a bluish-orange color.


    How to keep sweet persimmon fresh
    Sweet persimmons tend to lose their hard texture as the flesh easily softens as the temperature increases. When storing sweet persimmon, it is best to seal it in a plastic bag or airtight container and store it in a low-temperature refrigerator or kimchi refrigerator. Be careful as the persimmons freeze if stored at a lower temperature.

    1 Kg. (Average of 5 pcs.)
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    Dan Gam, Persimmon 1kg

    AED 10.99AED 18.00
  • Keumsil Strawberry (Air)

    Strawberry coming from Korea by air is a pre-order product, 1004 Delivery Team will contact you for pre order delivery.

    1 Pack 500g – AED 75.00
    2 Pack 500g *2 – AED 140.00 (-6.6%)
    4 Pack 500g *4 – AED 270.00 (-10%)
    – The discount is automatically applied to the check-out page

    Fresh and sweet filled with nature
    Geumsil Strawberries are a new variety of locally produced strawberries that contain only the merits of Maehyang and Seolhyang varieties. The cultivation method is difficult, but it boasts a solid pulp and high sugar content.


    Geumsil strawberries made with only the merits of Maehang and Seolhyang varieties
    Strawberries with strong flesh, high sugar content, and rich flavor


    You can enjoy the flavor of strawberries with a fragrant scent before eating, as it has a strong strawberry flavor. Meet the golden strawberry, which is not artificially sweet but has a naturally sweet and refreshing flavor.

    “Geumsil Strawberry is a cross between’Maehyang’ and’Seolhyang’, which are local strawberry varieties, and is characterized by a strong sweet taste and a hard fleshy texture that provides a good fruity feel. It refers to the number of grams of sugar cane sugar dissolved in 100g of water), whereas the golden strawberry is more than 13 bricks and has a strong sweet taste.”


    How to keep strawberries for longer eating
    1. Refrigerated storage: Place the top of the container facing the bottom and cover with wrap. When stored in the refrigerator, the skin is thin and it can be easily brittle, so eat it within a week.
    2. Frozen storage: Remove the stem of the strawberry, wash it under running water, dry it, and place it in an airtight container. At this time, if the strawberries touch each other, they will easily bruise and spoil, so wash them a little then serve.

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    Hwanggumhyang 2kg

    AED 155.00
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    Chua hah Seng Tamarind Seedless 400g

    Chua hah Seng Tamarind Seedless 400g

    AED 15.75
  • Halal Korean Pear


    1 Kg. (Average of 2 pcs.)
    AED 30.00
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    AED 51.45AED 73.50


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