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    Chua hah Seng Tamarind Seedless 400g

    Chua hah Seng Tamarind Seedless 400g

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  • Greenhouse Mandarin

    Pre order delivery will be carried out sequentially from the 9th, Aug.

    Jeju Greenhouse Mandarin is cultivated in Jeju, boasting a warm climate and abundant sunshine throughout the year.
    Jeju Greenhouse Mandarin are seasonal and harvested without forcing to be colored, so you can check out the bluish, natural and sacred tangerines.
    -Please enjoy the soft and soft tangerine first.
    -The more house sugars are ripened 3 to 4 days at room temperature, the higher the sugar content.

    The green color of the Jeju mandarin peel is a characteristic of the greenhouse cultivation during warmer weather. It is due to the chlorophyll produced on the peel of the orange citrus to protect itself from sunburn. The green color has no impact on the flavor.

    Jeju Greenhouse Mandarin storage and precautions
    -After opening the box, keep it in a cool place with good air and sunlight.
    (It can be stored a little longer if refrigerated)
    The biggest key to house citrus storage is to make sure that the fruits are well-ventilated without touching them.
    Pick up the damaged oranges after receiving the product to avoid affecting other oranges.
    It is better to keep it in with the newspaper to absorb moisture and making it well ventilated.

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    Greenhouse Mandarin

    AED 105.00
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  • [2020 Gift Set] Korean Apple Gift Set

    선물세트 제품은 모두 예약주문제품이며, 원하시는 배송일과 시간을 적어주시면 배송센터를 통해 배송일을 확정 받으실 수 있습니다.

    All gift sets are pre-orders and you can confirm specify the delivery date and time for the delivery date through the delivery center.

    3KG (9PCS)
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    Frozen Yuzu Peel

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