• Korean Apple Gift Set

    선물세트 제품은 모두 예약주문제품이며, 원하시는 배송일과 시간을 적어주시면 배송센터를 통해 배송일을 확정 받으실 수 있습니다.

    All gift sets are pre-orders and you can confirm specify the delivery date and time for the delivery date through the delivery center.

    3KG (9PCS)
    AED231.00 Inc VAT

    Korean Apple Gift Set

    AED231.00 Inc VAT
  • New

    Fresh Strawberry (ICHIGO AMAOH)

    Pre-order only; we do not store stock to ensure freshness. air-flown item will be flown in every weekend (unless otherwise stated). We will notify you once the shipment arrives and we will schedule the delivery.

    Best consumed immediately.

    AED99.75 Inc VAT
  • Jujube Tomato by Air

    *Shop Exclusive*

    AED36.75 Inc VAT

    Jujube Tomato by Air

    AED36.75 Inc VAT
  • AED52.50 Inc VAT

    Frozen Yuzu Peel

    AED52.50 Inc VAT
  • AED73.50 Inc VAT

    Frozen Yuzu Peel

    AED73.50 Inc VAT
  • AED262.50 Inc VAT

    Shine Muscat Box

    AED262.50 Inc VAT

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