• Pickled Radish And Hard-boiled Burdock

    KRCSD25579 Pickled Radish And Hard-boiled Burdock Side Dish Singram Chilled 8809053270246 20 250g 우엉과 단무지

    AED 15.75
  • Gardenia Seed & Lotus Root in Soy Sauce

    간장연근조림 KRCSD20866 Gardenia Seed & Lotus Root in Soy Sauce Side Dish ANA FOOD Chilled 8809156404753 10 1kg 간장연근조림

    AED 42.00
  • New


    새우젓 KRFSS26610 Salted Shrimp Seasonings & Spices Hansung Frozen 8801074330350 20 280g 새우젓

    AED 26.25
  • Pickled Radish Whole

    This pickled radish is cold, crunchy, sour with a hint of sweetness. This will make a perfect side dish for any summer BBQ. KRCPI24318 Pickled Radish Whole Pickle Singram Chilled 8809053270055 15 550g 통단무지 김밥

    AED 23.10

    양념깻잎 KRCSD23760 PICKLED SESAME LEAF Side Dish POOM Chilled 8809324623801 50 120g 양념깻잎

    AED 14.70
  • Gari Shouga, Sushi Ginger (White)

    CNCPI09824 Gari Shouga, Sushi Ginger (White) Pickle China Chilled 2000289032554 10 1kg 가리쇼가, 스시생강 (흰색)

    AED 32.55
  • SeasonedSquid

    Jeotgal or jeot means salted seafood, is a category of salted preserved dishes made with seafood such as shrimps, oysters, clams, fish, and roe.Depending on the ingredients, jeotgal can range from flabby, solid pieces to clear, broth-like liquid. KRCSD24599 Seasoned Squid Side Dish POOM Chilled 8809324624471 10 1kg 오징어젓갈

    AED 57.75


    AED 57.75
  • Sliced Pickle Radish For Kimbab

    Is pickled radish good for you?
    The good thing about them is you eat them raw preserving all their nutritional value. Radishes are a great source of fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and calcium. They are good for your digestive system and can help relieve bloating or indigestion. … I can eat a whole bowl full of sweet and sour pickled radishes. KRCPI24319 Sliced Pickle Radish For Kimbab Pickle Singram Chilled 8809053270062 18 400g 김밥단무지

    AED 15.75

    Solid jeotgal are usually eaten as banchan (side dishes). Liquid jeotgal, called aekjeot (액젓) or fish sauce, is popularly used in kimchi seasoning, as well as in various soups and stews (guk, jijimi, jjigae).[4] As a condiment, jeotgal with smaller bits of solid ingredients such as saeu-jeot (shrimp jeotgal) is commonly served as a dipping sauce with pork dishes (bossam, jokbal, samgyeopsal), sundae (Korean sausage), hoe (raw fish), and a number of soups and stews. KRCSD23766 SEASONED SQUID Side Dish POOM Chilled 8809324623870 50 120g 오징어젓갈

    AED 26.25


    AED 26.25
  • Gari Shouga, Sushi Ginger (Pink)

    Traditionally, pickled ginger (or gari) is served as a palate cleanser during a meal made up of several courses of sushi. A bite of ginger between the different pieces of sushi allows you to distinguish the distinct flavors of each fish. CNCPI09823 Gari Shouga, Sushi Ginger (Pink) Pickle China Chilled 2000288032555 10 1kg 가리쇼가, 스시생강 (핑크)

    AED 32.55
  • Yama Gobo, Pickled Burdock

    A delicious pickle is a beautiful thing, and Japan happens to have them in droves. Ranging in flavour from quite sweet to intensely sour, Japanese pickles are used in all sorts of Japanese cooking. hether it be rolled into your sushi, laid on top of your rice, or served by itself in a little side dish, pickles are a frequent lunch, dinner, and snacktime companion in Japan. JPCPI04912 Yama Gobo, Pickled Burdock Pickle Taniguchi Chilled 4904882012631 12 1000g 야마고보, 우엉조림

    AED 105.00
  • Hajikami Shouga M (Ginger roots)

    Ginger sprouts you can stylishly incorporate the zesty flavour of ginger into your cooking. Pickled in salt and seasoned with perilla leaves, these sticks of pink ginger are regularly used in the presentation of high-end Japanese cuisine or paired with grilled fish dishes. They can also be used to cleanse the pallet between courses. JPCPI04873 Hajikami Shouga M (Ginger roots) Pickle Asai Chilled 6950904800234 24 400G 하지카미 쇼가, 생강뿌리

    AED 28.35
  • Non Muslim

    Hachimitsu Umeboshi Honey (Toraya) no

    The perfect rice companion.

    One of Japan’s most popular pickled treats just got better. Made with no additives, these pickled plums have been seasoned with honey, vinegar and sugar to balance out the rich sour flavour with irresistible sweetness. These are best enjoyed with rice or sake. JPCPI04872 Hachimitsu Umeboshi Honey (Toraya) Pickle Toraya Chilled 4952705005728 36 230g 하치미쯔 우메보시 (꿀)

    AED 15.75
  • Chuka Wakame

    One of the most popular Otsumami (snack/appetizer) to go with beers and sakes, Chuka Wakame is also popular as a side dish in bentos or in a salad! Easy and convenient, all you need to do is thaw and toss into your salad. JPFSF01467 Chuka Wakame Seafood Daiei Frozen NO BARCODE 8 1000g 줄기미역, 추카 와까메

    AED 61.95

    Chuka Wakame

    AED 61.95
  • Seasoned Octopus

    KRCSD24598 Seasoned Octopus Side Dish POOM Chilled 8809324624464 10 1kg 낙지젓갈

    AED 110.25

    Seasoned Octopus

    AED 110.25


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