• AED42.00 Inc VAT

    Canned Whelk 400g

    AED42.00 Inc VAT
  • Yude Azuki 160g

    Sweetened Azuki beans, It is used in fillings and toppings for waffles, baked buns, Mochi, and others as well.

    AED6.30 Inc VAT

    Yude Azuki 160g

    AED6.30 Inc VAT
  • AED68.25 Inc VAT
  • AED5.78 Inc VAT
  • D3 Ottogi Canned Tuna (For Kimchi Stew)

    Fresh tuna caught in the Pacific ocean is quick frozen to -2℃ to preserve the freshness, taste, and nutrient of a live tuna with plenty protein. Added with garlic, ginger and other kimchi seasonings, no need to apply additional seasonings for a kimchi stew. You only need kimchi to make a spicy and delicious kimchi stew.

    AED10.50 Inc VAT
  • AED52.50 Inc VAT
  • AED10.50 Inc VAT
  • AED7.35 Inc VAT
  • Canned Rambutan in Syrup 565g

    The rambutan (/ræmˈbuːtən/, taxonomic name: Nephelium lappaceum) is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae. The name also refers to the edible fruit produced by this tree. The rambutan is native to the Indonesian region,and other regions of tropical Southeast Asia.[4] It is closely related to several other edible tropical fruits including the lychee, longan, and mamoncillo.

    AED10.50 Inc VAT
  • Canned Sunji 1.8kg

    clotted blood of cattle soup Good food for anemia.
    Good for preventing and improving anemia. It is helpful for those who have anemia or dizziness because there are many iron fractions that are easily absorbed. Especially women who have a menstrual period once a month, it is better to consume foods rich in iron.

    It is good food to relieve hangover.
    When we boil the prefecture, we boil the vegetables with lots of vitamins, minerals and pectin fiber, such as radishes, bean sprouts, and prawns, in addition to sunae. Asparaginic acid, especially rich in bean sprouts, is also known as a hangover-free food because it helps to digest enzymes that break down alcohol in the liver.

    High-protein low-calorie food.
    Sunji is a high protein, but it is not a fat food because it is low in calories. However, it is not good for diet when you eat soup because salt is added to the leading country. Still, those who exercise are good food to supplement and restore energy. In addition, it also discharges bad ingredients such as heavy metal components in the body.

    AED31.50 Inc VAT

    Canned Sunji 1.8kg

    AED31.50 Inc VAT
  • Canned Ugeoji 1.8kg

    It is outer leaves or stems of cabbage, radish, and other greens, which are removed while trimming the vegetables.[ is often used in soups and stews, including haejang-guk (hangover soup).

    AED26.25 Inc VAT

    Canned Ugeoji 1.8kg

    AED26.25 Inc VAT
  • AED8.40 Inc VAT

    Coconut Milk Chaokoh

    AED8.40 Inc VAT

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