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    AED17.85 Inc VAT

    Pumpkin Pancake

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    AED14.70 Inc VAT

    Potato Pancake

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  • AED52.50 Inc VAT

    Beef Bone Powder 500g

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  • AED14.70 Inc VAT

    Blueberry Pancake 150g

    AED14.70 Inc VAT
  • AED23.10 Inc VAT

    Choco Cake Mix 300g

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  • AED21.00 Inc VAT

    Chocochip Cookie Mix

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  • Corn Soup Powder

    Corn, being a staple crop for many Native American tribes has led to corn soup being a primary food among them. M. R. Harrington reported that 198 hulled-corn soup onno’kwǎ’ was the most popular dish for the Seneca Indians. He also stated, [s]eldom do the Indians, pagan or Christian, meet for any function […] without a kettle of onno’kwǎ’, hot and savory, to regale the crowd. The soup was served at religious events, the people getting a ladleful every time they encircled the kettle

    Several types of soups are prepared using corn as a primary ingredient.

    Cream of corn soup and creamed corn soup
    Sweet corn soup
    Corn crab soup
    Chinese sweet corn soup (yumigeng or sumigeng)
    Dried (Indian) corn soup
    Mexican corn soup
    Tibetan style corn soup (Ashom Tang)
    Chicken Corn Soup (A Pennsylvania Dutch soup with hard-boiled egg whites instead of noodles)

    AED8.40 Inc VAT

    Corn Soup Powder

    AED8.40 Inc VAT
  • Cream Soup Mix

    Ottogi Cream Soup Mix includes the taste of rich milk, providing great nutrients with great taste as a snack or a supplementary meal for everyone.

    AED42.00 Inc VAT

    Cream Soup Mix

    AED42.00 Inc VAT
  • AED21.00 Inc VAT
  • Manora Prawn Cracker – Uncooked

    Manora Uncooked Shrimp Chips mad from high quality fresh shrimp, No Artificial Coloring added, delicious and crispy. These Shrimp Chips are an ideal Snack for adults and children. Alike, for better taste take with chilli or tomato sauce.

    AED15.23 Inc VAT
  • For Non Muslims
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  • AED24.15 Inc VAT

    Rose Pasta Sauce

    AED24.15 Inc VAT

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