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    Mongo Jinganjang, Soy Sauce

    몽고 진간장

    AED 13.65
  • Mongo Jinganjang, Soy Sauce

    몽고 진간장

    AED 8.40
  • AED 9.45
  • AED 12.68
  • AED 24.15
  • Prem Dark Soy Sauce (LKK)

    Made from naturally brewed soy sauce. Its rich soy flavor and full-bodied color will delicately enhance the taste and appearance of a variety of dishes. Non-GM Soybeans, No Added Preservatives and also Vegan.

    AED 8.40
  • AED 136.50

    Soy Sauce For Soup

    AED 136.50
  • Soy Sauce For Soup

    It is a type of Korean soy sauce (ganjang) made entirely of fermented soybean (meju) and brine. It has a very strong, fermented, salty, flavorful, and full of umami, so it’s perfect for flavoring and salting soups and side dishes.

    AED 15.75
  • Usuguchi

    Usukuchi Soy Sauce is a special amber colored crafted with care by our brewing experts. It’s used in cooking to preserve the original color of the food.

    AED 315.00


    AED 315.00
  • Mongo Jinganjang, Dark Soy Sauce

    몽고 진간장 (무주정)

    AED 126.00
  • AED 59.85
  • White Shoyu Jokyu

    White Soy Sauce is a rare ingredient with a long tradition in Japan. Light amber in color and clearer and thinner than dark soy sauce, it infuses flavor without darkening the color of foods. Ideal accompaniment to shashimi and sushi. a subtle addition to seafood delicacies, clear soups, tofu, and organic vegetables. Combine with restraint with olive oil, white wine, vinegar or herbs to create wonderful dressings and marinades. Used by the most discerning to elevate flavor and not overwhelm. Imported from Japan, 18g

    AED 52.50

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