• CJ Instant Black Rice

    Microwave over 2 mins or boiling water 1 mins

    AED 8.40
  • Non Muslim

    Gimbap Patty

    숯불구이맛 김밥햄

    AED 12.60

    Gimbap Patty

    AED 12.60
  • Sundae Soup

    Pack size: 620g
    Origin: South Korea
    Brand: Nangmun


    The star ingredient in this hearty Korean soup is sundae – Korean blood sausage. The soup is prepared with a flavorful broth that includes sliced sundae, other types of offal, vegetables, and noodles, while rice can be added to the soup or served on the side.

    Storage Conditions
    It should be stored at –18°C (0°F) or lower.

    Preparation And Usage
    It is made by boiling or steaming pig or cow’s intestines that have been stuffed with various ingredients. Sliced pieces of sundae and sides are dipped in salt-black pepper mixture, in vinegar-gochujang mixture, seasoned soybean paste, and soy sauce. If the broth is defrosted naturally, the broth may leak.
    Defrost in the microwave for 5 to 10 minutes,
    Defrost the stock pack in hot water.
    It is recommended to boil it in a pot
    If you don’t have a pot, boil the broth in a pot, then add the meat and giblets and boil for about 3 minutes.
    Sundae must be the last
    Put it in the same way as it was placed 1 minute ago.
    Stirring the sundae or boiling it for a long time will loosen it and give it a different taste.
    caution! If you boil it frozen
    The amount of broth may decrease, so be sure to thaw in a microwave or hot water.

    Pork head meat (domestic/pork 40%, sundae (67%) [Chinese sweet potato starch, tapioca starch, raw material name
    Antioxidant (sulfur dioxide)], pork intestine 16% (domestic/pork), pig blood 5% (domestic/pork), pork fat (domestic pork) 3.6%, starch 3.1%, carrots 2%, garlic 1%, Refined salt, complex seasoned foods (wheat, soybeans, milk, beef), sodium L-glutamate (flavor enhancer), pepper, ginger} 40%.!
    Pork intestine (domestic/pork) 20% pork, wheat, soybean, milk, beef, sulfur dioxide contained
    Nutrition Facts
    Cholesterol 0mg O% Protein 6g 11%

    AED 31.50

    Sundae Soup

    AED 31.50
  • AED 34.65
  • Busan Square Fish Cake 315g

    A fishcake (sometimes written as fish cake) is a food item similar to a croquette, consisting of filleted fish or other seafood with potato patty, sometimes coated in breadcrumbs or batter, and fried.

    Fishcakes as defined in the Oxford Dictionary of Food and Nutrition are chopped or minced fish mixed with potato, egg and flour with seasonings of onions, peppers and sometimes herbs.

    The fishcake has been seen as a way of using up leftovers that might otherwise be thrown away. In Mrs Beeton’s 19th century publication Book of Household Management, her recipe for fishcakes calls for “leftover fish” and “cold potatoes”.More modern recipes have added to the dish, suggesting ingredients such as smoked salmon and vegetables.

    Fish cakes can be made by the combination of fish paste and surimi. The fish paste is usually a combination of salt, water, flour and egg. The combined product is then shaped and left to cool. They are then battered and breaded using a machine. Then, they are usually fried with oil at around 18 °C (356 °F) and should reach the internal temperature of 75 °C (167 °F). After the cooking process, they are frozen and packaged and are kept frozen until used.

    AED 12.60
  • Bibigo Grilled Mackerel

    비비고 고등어구이



    AED 17.85
  • Non Muslim

    Bibigo Wang Dumplings

    Mandu (만두; 饅頭) are dumplings in Korean cuisine. Mandu can be steamed, boiled, pan-fried, or deep-fried. The styles also vary across regions in Korean Peninsula.[3] Mandu were long part of Korean royal court cuisine, but are now found in supermarkets, restaurants, and snack places such as pojangmacha, bunsikjip throughout Korea

    행사 상품이 아니기 때문에 수량에 맞춰 묶음띠를 제거해서 준비해드리고 있습니다. (행사 상품은 묶음 띠에 1+1 또는 할인 문구가 들어가 있습니다.)

    This is not an Promotion product
    We are preparing to remove the bundled band according to the quantity.
    (For promotional items, 1+1 or discount text is included in the bundled band.)

    AED 27.30
  • New

    Sun Chip


    AED 8.40

    Sun Chip

    AED 8.40
  • Non Muslim

    Haute cheese

    오뜨 치즈맛

    AED 15.75

    Haute cheese

    AED 15.75
  • CJ Cupbahn Mayo

    컵반 치킨마요 덮밥

    AED 21.00

    CJ Cupbahn Mayo

    AED 21.00
  • Jeju Fresh Egg

    진심한알 계란

    AED 16.00

    Jeju Fresh Egg

    AED 16.00
  • New

    Smoked Gangjung – Spicy

    신숯불닭강정 매운맛

    AED 22.05
  • New

    Smoked Gangjung – Original


    AED 22.05
  • Non Muslim
    AED 5.25
  • AED 29.40
  • Non Muslim
    AED 31.50

    Tumsae Ramyun

    AED 31.50
  • AED 10.50

    Peanut Caramel

    AED 10.50
  • Gold Smoke Patty

    알뜰 골드 스모크햄

    AED 68.25

    Gold Smoke Patty

    AED 68.25
  • Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee Mix

    Maxim Mocha Gold Mild has developed its original flavor recovery technology (RAP), which is the know-how of East-West food only, and soft and fine mild coffee beans.

    Feel the happiness and comfort of Maxim Mocca Gold Mild with the softness and softness of the bean flavor and aroma in your daily routine.

    AED 84.00
  • Bibigo Vegetables and Seafood Dumplings

    비비고 해물야채왕교자 (Meat free)

    AED 49.35
  • Bibigo Vegetables and Japchae Dumplings

    비비고 잡채왕교자 (Meat free)

    AED 49.35
  • Bibigo Kimchi Dumplings

    비비고 김치왕교자 (Meat free)

    AED 49.35
  • Kokal Corn Snack Spicy

    꼬깔콘 치먹스파이시맛

    AED 8.40
  • AED 50.40
  • AED 246.75
  • AED 225.75
  • AED 141.75
  • AED 278.25
  • Crispy Kimchi Pancake

    부침명장 한입아삭김치전

    AED 22.05
  • Drinkable Konjac Jelly Peach Flavor

    마시는 젤리비 곤약젤리 (복숭아)

    AED 7.35

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