• Korean Nutari Oyster Mushroom

    Nutari has a midle taste,It’s great sautéed with other vegetables. Neutari contain a lot of water, so often it is first blanched then sautéed in Korean cuisine. Hpw to store: Because of the moisture content of this mushroom, it becomes very stringy and tasteless if you freeze and thaw—so don’t freeze them and keep them in refrigerator wrapped in paper towels. Neutari changes colors and starts losing its aroma and flavor very rapidly, so if you need to keep them for more than two days, blanch and then store in the refrigerator.

    AED 21.00
  • Korean Cucumber Chili

    Korean cucumber chili it’s the hottest chili pepper in Korea and has the strongest fiery flavor, contains more capsaicin than other typical chili peppers (even more than jalapeño peppers!) . Rich in capsaicin and vitamin C, it helps fat metabolism

    Cook Note:
    This chili is a versatile seasoning—you can add it to any kind of dish that you want to add heat to. It’s very commonly sliced and added to soup dishes to add some heat without coloring the broth red from gochugaru (chili flakes).

    AED 26.25
  • Daepa Welsh Onion

    Daepa are hollow like regular onions but much bigger in size.These are sweeter and more aromatic than regular onions. ‘fistulosum’ indicates that the leaves are hollow. Daepa as a spice, herb, or garnish in Korean cuisine. The white part often used as the flavour base for various broths and infused oil.

    AED 31.50
  • AED 26.25

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