Bibigo Peongyang Dumpling

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비비고 평양만두

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Pack size: 384g
Origin: South Korea
Brand: CJ


Pyongyang naengmyeon dumplings made with protein
Filled with pork, tofu, and stew in a moist dumpling skin, the light taste is excellent.
Traditional Pyongyang dumplings presented by Bibigo

• This product is manufactured in facilities such as products using milk, buckwheat, peanuts, mackerel, crab, shrimp, peaches, tomatoes, sulfurous acids, walnuts, beef, squid, chicken, pine nuts, and shellfish (including oysters, abalone and mussels). I’m doing it. •It has already been frozen, so do not refreeze after thawing. • After use, be sure to separate and dispose of the wrapping paper. •This product can be exchanged or compensated in accordance with consumer dispute resolution standards.

Storage Conditions
Frozen storage

Preparation And Usage
“Cooked in boiling water
Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot and heat.
When the water starts to boil, add 6 non-thaw frozen dumplings and boil for about 9 minutes over medium heat with the lid open.
Steamed cooking
Pour an appropriate amount of water into the steamer and heat.
Place 6 non-thaw frozen dumplings on a steamer, close the lid, and steam for about 11 to 12 minutes.”

“Flour (wheat: American, Australian), pork (domestic), tofu (soybean (foreign), tofu coagulant)}, cabbage, onion, egg white liquid, bean sprouts, pickled cabbage, processed beans, sesame oil, garlic, sesame, glutinous rice flour , Modified starch, mixed preparations (modified starch, wheat gluten, maltodextrin, flour), brewed soy sauce, refined salt, sugar, flavor enhancer, pepper powder
*Please note that depending on the time of production and distribution, products may be mixed and shipped before the country of origin is changed.”
Nutrition Facts
Total Content 384g, 700kcal / Sodium 1,280mg (64%), Carbohydrate 53g (16%), Sugars 8g (8%), Fat 38g (70%), Trans Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 10g (67%), Cholesterol 40mg ( 13%), protein 37g (67%) [The ratio (%) to the daily nutritional content is based on 2,000kcal, so it may vary depending on the amount of calories required by the individual.]

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AED 25.20


KRFDM27425 Bibigo Peongyang Dumpling Dumpling CJ Frozen 8801007848792 16 384g 비비고 평양만두


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비비고 평양만두


Bibigo Peongyang Dumpling



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