Volcano Chicken Noodle

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The new product, the Paldo Volcano Fried Rice Noodle
Just as the painful chicken on the cover sheet authenticates the taste.
Really ‘hot’ is a delicious fried noodles can not stop chopsticks.
Above all, you’ll see the word ‘Curry’ on the cover.
It’s not just a muggy product.
It is also an implication.
First, leave 7 tablespoons (4 mL) of water.
I can roast a small amount of water for 3 seconds in a weak fire.
At this time, the roasted smell that comes up makes the mouth full!
If so, what about the inside of the flesh of the falcon volcano?
1 liquid soup of red color packing
Kim, sesame Soup Soup 1 stick, cotton
It is filled with 3 hot contents.
If so, a red liquid soup that heals salivary glands
Can we dig it first?
The secret of the word ‘Curry’ on the front of the wrapping paper mentioned above!
Paldo Volcano Cocoa The liquid soup of the gospel side contains curry powder.
So, the flavor of the spicy chicken was felt,
The hot taste tastes even more delicious.
In the roasted cooking process, it is worth it.
I do not really eat it, but I can not cook it, but it is delicious and spicy! ^^ ~
Faldo’s icon of delicious care!
We introduce Kim, sesame soup soup.
It’s good to have a good view.
The arm that cares about these meticulous parts.
After all the cooking is finished,
If you make it with the cotton, it will finish the taste of marsh.
The last is the flesh of falcon volcano
It is a side to bring a delicious and delicious taste.
Because the side of fried rice is cotton,
I take delicious spicy soup whole body and put it in every corner.
And when the food is finished,
It is the birth of the paralympic visual that stimulates salivary glands.
In addition, it is delicious and can be eaten by the addition of coriander.
I do not miss from a small touch to a hot taste
Delicious and spicy Faldo’s new
This new FP is really hit hit !!
When things do not work out and the world knows why it’s only me
Faldo’s deliciously hot
Blow your stress into one room!

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AED 21.00


KRDRA19510 Volcano Chicken Noodle 볼케이노 치킨볶음면 Paldo 140G*4 4 KR


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Volcano Chicken Noodle



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