Yaki Soba

Ingredients : (3-4 servings)

  • ½ onion
  • 1 carrot
  • 3 shiitake mushrooms
  • 2 green onions
  • 4 cabbage leaves
  • 250-350g sliced meat and/or seafood
  • 2 Tbsp oil
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 pack Yakisoba Noodles

Sauce : 

  • 2 tsp granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 4 tsp oyster sauce
  • 4 tsp ketchup
  • 4 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Recipe :

1 – Prepare de sauce : Whisk all the ingredients and set aside.

2 – Slice the onion, carrot and the shiitake mushrooms. Chop the green onions into 4cm pieces, cut the cabbage into small bite pieces and cut the meat into 2cm pieces.

3 – In a skillet or wok, heat oil on medium high heat. Cook the meat until no longer pink. Add the onion and carrot, cook for 1-2 minutes. Then add the cabbage and cook until almost tender. Lastly add the green onion and shiitake mushrooms and cook for 1 minute. Season with freshly ground black pepper.

4 – Add the noodles to the skillet/wok, and lower the heat to medium. It’s best to use tongs to combine the noodles with ingredients.

5 – Add Yakisoba Sauce. Depending on the amount of ingredients, adjust the amount of sauce to use. Mix all together using tongs. Transfer to plates and garnish with dried green seaweed and pickled red ginger. Serve immediately.

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